Sunday, June 3, 2012


The pictures you are about to see could change the way you feel about us forever.  Just a warning.

Here's the challenge:
Match the make-up to the application pose.
Good luck.

A.  Lip gloss
B.  Lip liner
C.  Blush
D.  Eye shadow
E.  Mascara -- top
F.  Eye liner
G.  Mascara -- bottom
H.  Foundation










Tuesday, May 29, 2012


I bought the kids goggles.  
I told them to Sharpie their names onto them.
Gary did.  

Thursday, December 1, 2011


Gary won this turkey at our local community "Turkey Toss," by doing this:
(I don't know what illegalities I'm committing by including this professionally scanned photo.  Hopefully Mike Donahue has a forgiving heart and a sense of humor.  I think he does.)
So, back to the story. 
Chad and I and the three older girls were planning on attending my brother's wedding in DC over Thanksgiving, so, what to do with the turkeys?  Lexi and Lily had also won in their age groups, (though they had to heave real 10-lb frozen turkeys--our hidden family talent:  turkey tossing.  Who knew?) so we had a freezer full of birds, and weren't even going to be here for the big day. 
We knew, however, that the rest of the Leavitts etc., etc., were throwing a big shindig, and Grandpa Gary would be readying his pit to bar-b-q many a turkey. 
"Lets give the turkeys to Grandpa," I said.  "They are having a big party, and the turkeys will surely get eaten."
"Don't give the turkeys to Grandpa!!!"  Gary exclaimed. "He'll just shove them in the ground!"
Realizing he didn't understand pit-bar-b-q-ing, but not knowing what he was thinking, I had to ask, "And then what?"
Gary shrugged, "They'll grow turkeys?" 

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving

Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Favorite Halloween Pictures

 Lily and Lexi before school on Halloween.  I just realized we should have painted Lily's face green and called them Ga-linda, and the Wicked Witch of the West. 
 Bloody Samuel
 The Mummy Game in Eden's class party
 Gary as Gumby?  It's a green stretchy shape-suit thingie intended for imaginative play.  He really wanted to wear it, but when it came time to trunck-of-treat that night, he wouldn't wear it because he said, "People laughed."  It was pretty funny.  I wish it hadn't bothered him, because he was adorable and unique.  That night he put white gauzy fabric over his head and was a ghost.  Nobody laughed. 
 If you can't see her carving, you can click on the picture.  It's worth it.  She carved it herself.  It is my favorite pumpkin ever. 
He wouldn't wear this at Sage's party earlier this week.  On Halloween night, I mentioned candy, and he had no more problem with it.  He understands SO much more that I think. 

Hope you had a Happy Halloween.