Saturday, February 28, 2009

Yogurt. Yum.

Sage found a freshly half-finished yogurt container in the trash.
No spoon required.

No vaccine either. These pictures were taken 8 days ago, and I can report that there were no ill side effects. Which is good because eating out of the trash can happens way more often around here than you would think.

Eden Ann

Happy Birthday Eden Ann!

"Can you fly?" asked Gary.

Eden had a special day today. Her sister, Lily, made her scrambled eggs for breakfast. She had a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and pink bunnies on it. She got a TinkerBell dress,(hence Gary's curiosity about her flying ability) a Beauty and the Beast movie, and white dancing slippers, among other things that made her smile that little smile that she tries so hard to hide. She got to go on two Ranger rides with her father, and she never had to go to bed because she fell asleep on the couch shortly after 8. Eden, I LOVE YOU! I love how you TOLD me you were having a great birthday, I love how you were so delighted when we discovered that you have freckles in the shape of a flower on your right cheek, I love that you clean your room happily, and I love that you like to play games and Pollies with me. Happy Birthday number 5 Sweet Eden Ann!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spanish Guitar

Yesterday had been just another day, and grouchiness had crept up on me with the daily bumps of convincing my children they really DO want to load the dishwasher, pick up the living room, and clean up after dinner. It had finally been accomplished, and I realized we were actually ahead of schedule. If I tried to tuck people in this early they would have justifiable cause to complain. So, I sat down at the computer and looked up , one of my favorite blogs to follow. I read Stephanie's entry for the day, about her father, the strawberry stained smiles of her children, fields of fireflies. Mostly, her assurance that Heavenly Father knows her, and that there's a REASON she's living. I think one of those reasons is to uplift ME, and to point out the precious in my everyday. I scooped up Sage, in her fleece footy pajamas, fed her her sippy cup as she relaxed in my arms. The other children had turned off the lights in the kitchen and they laughed in the next room. I strolled with Sage in the dark with Spanish guitar playing on the stereo and the side of her forehead against my lips, her baby hair tickling my nose. I just drank it all in. "The joy of motherhood comes in moments," I've heard someone say. This was one of those moments. The house will be spotless someday. Until then, I'll occasionally turn off the lights, and stroll to the Spanish guitar.
Thank you neinei.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I was listening to this song the other day and thought it would be neat to do a blog post for my children with it. The song's by Jenny Phillips and Tyler Castleton, (Thanks Racqual, for the CD!) and is called,
To Become like Him
You look around you
And you wonder if you'll ever measure up

In this world it seems you may never be enough

Don't let anyone convince you that it's true

So much beauty lives inside of you

And you are enough

Just look up

Remember you are greatest

When you walk with God

When His light is in your eyes

You are truely strong.

You don't have to prove your beauty
In the eyes of men

You are divine within

You were sent here to become like Him

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I started weaning Sage yesterday.
This is what she thought of it.

"I guess I'll have to make due with this dry, dusty cracker."

"Don't you feel sorry for me?"

"Mmm. It's better than I expected. "

I do have pictures of my other children.

I just don't know what to write under them.

Monday, February 16, 2009

"My baby is a genious.

My baby's so doggone smart, do doot dooo.

My baby is a genious,

And I love her with all my heart."

--Jessica Harper

Momentous things that happened this past week:

Chad beat Brent Thompson in racquetball, for the second time EVER.

I said the closing prayer in sacrament meeting in SPANISH, for hopefully the LAST time ever. Truthfully, I hope my Spanish improves to where that won’t be such a stressful experience, but for now, once was enough.

Today, I had a cultural experience. I spent seven hours with Elia Johnson. Wow. That’s all I can say.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sage will not touch a sippy cup or a bottle, but she had to have some Valentine-RED cran-raspberry juice today.

Happy Valentine's Day! Usually we have cereal and milk around here for breakfast, but Valentine's Day on a lazy Saturday calls for an exception.

The rest of our day included making valentines and playing wii. Samuel knocked me out every time in the boxing ring. I cannot figure that sport out. It must be a man thing. Lily went to see Hotel for Dogs with Hannah and her crew for her birthday, and Lexi went babysitting with Brinley! What a big girl! We finished our day with Family Movie Night, Dad's pick. He chose "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom". It's rated PG, but it had been a long time since we'd seen that movie, and we had both forgotten about the "Snake Suprise", the descending spike room and the heart ripping scene. It was a little intense for the kids, and I'm glad it will be many weeks 'till it's Daddy's pick again. Maybe we'll have time to preview his movie first.

Friday, February 13, 2009

I've never chosen the freeze dried refried bean option at the cannery before until this month. I figured, being in the Spanish branch now, surely I know someone who can tell me what to do with them. Sure enough, Elia Johnson, who was there canning with me, told me how to cook them up. I told her I usually just use the regular canned ones you get at the store. She said, "Oh, don't do that! Those are gross! But these, these are Mexican approved." So, now you know.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We don't get freezing rain in Nevada, so we
make it.

Look at the concentration it took to get this food into her mouth. I really think she was there for close to an hour. And I don't think that spoon was ever actually lucky enough to be the bearer of a pea.


So, here we are. Chad (the strong-looking man in the middle), Cinnamon (me), and from oldest to youngest, Lexi, Lily, Samuel, Eden, Gary and Sage.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


The first entry in a blog should introduce things, dontcha think? So, to begin with, lest you think that the name of this blog refers to pearls of wisdom, it doesn't. It refers to the fact that, if I were lucky enough to find a pirates treasure chest, I would want it to be full of pearls. Glowing, "What's that fancy word for shiny? Oh yes, irridescent," oyster-Picasso pearls. And, since my real treasures are my dashing husband and my six children, I am referring to them as pearls. So, there you go. And I didn't want to sit here for another hour trying to think up a good name, and I'll most likely change it when I think of something I like better anyway.

I don't want to give away too much at the beginning, so I'll see if I can upload some pictures, and say, "Tenga una buena noche."

By the way, this is me, feeding # 6 Sage, and the other picture is of #1 Lexi and #2 Lily doing what they like best.