Monday, June 7, 2010

Samuel's Baptism

Samuel's baptism was Saturday.
He is such a good little guy.  
His daddy gave one of the Holy Ghost talks (there were two, one in English, and one in Spanish), and compared it to your shadow.  When you are in the light, your shadow is strong, but when you are in the dark, you can't tell it's there anymore.  He gave flashlights to the two boys who had gotten baptized that day, Samuel and Vance, and told them to always stay in the light.  
Samuel is one who usually is a little light.  
I sure love him.

Cub Scout Day Camp

Samuel had day camp this week.  
He got to put those new hammering skills to work! 
This was the station where I got to help.  
I was glad we got to do his project together.
Camp was just fun.
The boys had such a good time.
Little Chad hung out with me everyday.
He sat in his Bumbo and just enjoyed being outside.

Samuel was in a group with two of his best buds, 
Thomas and Ronnie,
both his second cousins. 

The last day was a games/water day, 
and the fire trucks came and cooled everyone off.  
(It was 108.)

No bathing suit required.

My New Favoriet CD

How long has this been in existance,
and I just found out about it?!  
I love it!