Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Little Fun

So, here's the game. Two people are given a question, and one of them has to answer it, while the other does the hand motions. Lily and Lexi's question was, "How do you get ready for school in the morning?"

Saturday, March 27, 2010


My mom is here for Spring Break, and so far, we have squeezed in two shows.
Thursday night, we went to Lexi's Dance Review.
Here is a little snippet.
I try to keep the videos short so they don't take forever to upload for everyone.
Lexi is the first girl in pink, on the left.
The second show of the weekend was "Walking With Dinosaurs" at the Thomas and Mack.

Cashman Equipment had invited us(our family, Paul and Racqual's, and Don and Raegan's) to use their box for the event, and that included VIP parking, chicken fingers, corn dogs, cake, and a fridge filled with soda, water and beer. We left the beer for the next guests, but we made up for it with the dent we left in the soda stash.

Waiting for the show to start

More waiters

And the show has begun!
(It was really neat!)

Face-off of the torosaurs

Adorable Ankylosaur

Drama in the dino kingdom: Momma rescues baby

Gary's dinosaur. Just ask him. It's his because he has a t-shirt with a T-Rex riding a bicycle on it. (See here. Cool shirts for the bikers in your life.)He saw a billboard advertising the show as we drove through Vegas the other day. "LOOK!!! THERE"S MY DINOSAUR!... and that girl's dancing..." The next billboard (video billboard, no less)had been of a pole dancer. Ah, the sights of Vegas.
Our favorite dino of the evening.
Thank you Cashman!
What a fun night!

"This dinosaur can't keep its mouth shut."

I see, Gary. You're right. You'd better not tell it any secrets.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Little Things

Our lesson in Relief Society last week was on the creation, and appreciating the little things around us that we have to be grateful for. So this week, I made a point of noticing, and photographing the things that I found beautiful or at least that made me smile. Here are a few of them:

New leaves yellow

Coral mallow mellow

Daffodils about to bloom

Baby sleeping

Veronica creeping

The irony in this room

Spinach that grew

Carrots did too

Baby barf in my shoe

Brown eyes

Chubby thighs

Lady bug says, "Howdy-do"

Hope Spring is finding you smiling!

I luf you.

To counteract the venom...

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Catching Up

Eden did, in fact, turn 6 on her birthday.
Her most anticipated present was her case of Ramen noodles from Grandpa Gary. She has been known, at Grandma and Grandpa's, to say, "I've finished my dinner, can I have Ramen noodles now?"
Sage's Bozo look
Lexi had dance competition last Saturday.
They took 1st place for their lyrical dance, (pictured here)
and 2nd in hip-hop. Yeah!

p.s. I cry almost every time I watch that girl dance! I thought it was just pregnancy hormones during football season, but no, I still do it.
Ah, Motherhood.
I tried to curl Lex and Lil's hair last Saturday night, but I guess I remembered the mothod incorrectly. I don't have an after picture, but it pretty much looked like they had dreadlocks. Oh well. We shared some bonding time putting in all those curls.

Sunday, March 7, 2010


As I sat on the back porch Friday, blowing bubbles with Gary and Sage, I realized I was feeling homesick. The combination of the warm sun, and the chilly breeze, the dry air, with the desert in the distance all took me somewhere familiar, somewhere I'd called home for a short while a decade and a half ago: the Middle East, Jerusalem, to be exact. There was no golden dome, no white limestone walls, no muezen singing the call to prayer, no ancient spice of the old city in the air, but something felt familiar. Do my children know they walk in the same climate in which the Saviour walked? Do they know that the sun feels like it does in the Judean wilderness, the nights are as cold and clear as in the fields near Bethlehem, and the sound of the breezes blowing in the palm trees is the same as on the Galilean shores? The pomegranite and olive and fig trees know. Someday I hope to show them.

Here's to Honesty

My friend Joshlyn posted one day about a reoccurring dream she has about her teeth falling out. She was told that it meant that she was a liar. She thinks of herself as a pretty honest person, and then she remembered an article she read. It proffered that if you wear colored contacts, a padded bra, play toothfairy, suck in your gut, or don't answer your telephone, than you are a liar. She admitted that this broad definition of lying landed her squarely in the ranks of the dishonest, and then asked, "So, what's your 'lie?' And don't even say you don't lie or I will curse you with the dream."

I immediately thought this. Yes this. This here. This blog. Oh, I don't say things that aren't true. I don't make things up or doctor my pictures. It's the things I don't say, and the things I don't show you. I close the door to the computer room before I take pictures in that direction so you don't see the clutter on my desk. No matter what cute thing Sage is doing, I won't post her picture if she's naked except for a diaper that is hanging down to her knees. And I certainly don't tell you about the times when the people in my family are disrespectful and harsh to each other. So.... in an effort to come clean --
here's to honesty!The bad hair days(is that a Bump-it I see?)
The clutter

The venom