Saturday, March 27, 2010


My mom is here for Spring Break, and so far, we have squeezed in two shows.
Thursday night, we went to Lexi's Dance Review.
Here is a little snippet.
I try to keep the videos short so they don't take forever to upload for everyone.
Lexi is the first girl in pink, on the left.
The second show of the weekend was "Walking With Dinosaurs" at the Thomas and Mack.

Cashman Equipment had invited us(our family, Paul and Racqual's, and Don and Raegan's) to use their box for the event, and that included VIP parking, chicken fingers, corn dogs, cake, and a fridge filled with soda, water and beer. We left the beer for the next guests, but we made up for it with the dent we left in the soda stash.

Waiting for the show to start

More waiters

And the show has begun!
(It was really neat!)

Face-off of the torosaurs

Adorable Ankylosaur

Drama in the dino kingdom: Momma rescues baby

Gary's dinosaur. Just ask him. It's his because he has a t-shirt with a T-Rex riding a bicycle on it. (See here. Cool shirts for the bikers in your life.)He saw a billboard advertising the show as we drove through Vegas the other day. "LOOK!!! THERE"S MY DINOSAUR!... and that girl's dancing..." The next billboard (video billboard, no less)had been of a pole dancer. Ah, the sights of Vegas.
Our favorite dino of the evening.
Thank you Cashman!
What a fun night!


  1. So cute! My kids would love that show. Thanks for sharing pics!

  2. Wow Cin what a fun time!! Myrna was a classmate of mine in case you didn't know!!

  3. No, I didn't know! I met Myrna when Chad and I were engaged. We went on a group date with Tyler and Joey, I think. Wow, we've all come a long way since then!