Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wrapping Up Christmas Posts with Icy Indiana!

 We're almost there!

 The pond was frozen when we arrived, and a rink had been cleared. 
Broom ball, ON!
 You have to click on this picture to get the full intensity.
 Dogs are allowed.
 Get it!
 Can you find Chad's stick?  (Jesse is just a diversion.)
 "Marie, I TOLD you to get out of my way!"
 The youngest and most adorable player on the ice
 Then, on to POKAGON!
Sage models her winter wear.
 Lexi takes the hills.
 Samuel and Devin
 Family pictures in the Wigwam Room...
... a tradition.
 The whole family!
 Back at Mom and Dad's, we had fun with wii "Just Dance".
 "Walk like an Egyptian"...

...or a cowboy.