Monday, May 31, 2010

Family Night

Gary was on "Song" tonight, and was pleased to choose the one Primary song we know on the guitar.  
The family has been taking lessons for about a month.  
We now own three guitars, and we put them to use to accompany "I Am a Child of God".
I have decided I love the guitar.  
It always has a nice sound, even when you're messing up, 
and from day one, we were playing "songs".  
One chord songs, yes, but you feel so successful! 
Next, we had a lesson on developing out talents.
(Reinforce the positive!)
And then...
Daddy gave a mini-course on hammering nails. 
Learning to do this is on their list of "Disneyland Goals", 
and it was a "talent" they could all learn in one evening.
Did I ever tell you I once won a nail-hammering contest?  
I did.  
It was the same day I almost killed myself with a nailgun.  
We do not own a nailgun.
They give me the shivers.
 Gary was very good at hammering.  
He's had lots of practice 
on the roof of Uncle Paul's truck.
He's kind of grown out of that stage now.
We are all relieved.  
You may not be totally entertained 
seeing my children hammer nails,
but we were.
And then we had treat
and went to bed.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Movie Night

The Leavitt crew went to town last week for FHE
to see "How to Train Your Dragon" in 3D.

Samuel's Birthday

I'm a bit behind, but I still wanted to document Samuel's big day.
Eight years old!
On his birthday, we had pie and presents.

In his class at school,
when it's your birthday,
you get to exchange your chair for the big blue ball. 
Isn't that the coolest idea?
Samuel's teacher is the greatest.
And, those are silk worms on everyone's desks.  
They have been raising them, and got to bring their charges home today. 
Lexi carried a screaming Sage to me this afternoon.  
"I don't know what's wrong with her!!"
I turned Sage around to face me
and realized she had a big silk worm 
hanging out on the front of her shirt.  
Thanks to Gary. 
I made Samuel get it off. 
Two days later, we had his "friends party", with cake,
and games. 
Good times. 
Happy Birthday Samuel!

Just because

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May Day

When Sarah was here, we also got to treat her to the kids' May Day performances.
First, was Lily, on the tone chimes.
(Don't we have an awesome backdrop?  The school has an amazing view.)

Then sweet Eden.  She danced the whole song with her arms folded. 

Then Samuel and cousin Izzy were the stars of the 2nd grade's performance of Lazy John. 

"Lazy John, Lazy John, will you marry me?"
"How can I marry you, with no shirt to wear?"
So up she got and away she ran, down to the market square,
And there she found a shirt for Lazy John to wear.
Many trips to the market later, Lazy John has a whole new outfit.
With no more excuses,
the truth has to come out.
"How can I marry you,
With a wife and a baby at home?"
(They were adorable!!)

Then it was Fifth Grade's turn. 
They started out with a demure waltz...
and then broke into "Footloose!"
May Day is awesome!
Our teachers come up with such great things,
and the kids are so fun to watch. 
Loved it!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sarah's Shower

My sister Sarah came and visited last weekend.  Yeah! 
On Mother's Day, we celebrated her motherhood with a baby shower.

All lined up for the crawling contest
Only the young ones, with durable knees, took part.
Hannah and Lexi still dispute the finish.

The aftermath of the baby food eating contest
Frannie and Veronica won.
Lovin' the headband, Bons. 
Sage won the "Cutest Centerpiece" contest.

It was a very fun evening,
and a great way to celebrate Mother's Day :)


My brother Garrett is on a mission in Estonia.
He took this pictures of two of his comps
out on the Baltic Sea.  
Cool, huh?
Reminds me of Lehi's dream,
when he saw
"...a large and spacious field, 
as if it had been a world."  
I think I can even see the iron rod.
Can you?

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Sage was sitting on the kitchen floor with a cup of goldfish. 
She was taking them out,
one at a time,
 and lining them up in a long straight row.
  I commended her for her diligent, careful work. 
 "Mommy, I'm making a hat." 
 "Oh," I thought, "of course you are. 
I bet many a 2-year-old's 'hat' looks like a long straight line." 
After she fished the last fish out of her cup
and placed it in line,
she did this: