Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May Day

When Sarah was here, we also got to treat her to the kids' May Day performances.
First, was Lily, on the tone chimes.
(Don't we have an awesome backdrop?  The school has an amazing view.)

Then sweet Eden.  She danced the whole song with her arms folded. 

Then Samuel and cousin Izzy were the stars of the 2nd grade's performance of Lazy John. 

"Lazy John, Lazy John, will you marry me?"
"How can I marry you, with no shirt to wear?"
So up she got and away she ran, down to the market square,
And there she found a shirt for Lazy John to wear.
Many trips to the market later, Lazy John has a whole new outfit.
With no more excuses,
the truth has to come out.
"How can I marry you,
With a wife and a baby at home?"
(They were adorable!!)

Then it was Fifth Grade's turn. 
They started out with a demure waltz...
and then broke into "Footloose!"
May Day is awesome!
Our teachers come up with such great things,
and the kids are so fun to watch. 
Loved it!


  1. Looks like a whole lot of fun...
    I love the polka-dot outfits in the top photo.
    Yes, the backdrop is gorgeous.