Monday, April 27, 2009


And here he is, again having chosen to follow in Dad's footsteps. Maybe I need to see if Dad will explain to Samuel that, while it's perfectly acceptable to lounge around the house in black knee-socks and shorts, it is rarely acceptable to LEAVE the house that way. Samuel loves clam chowder, jerkey and asparagus. He loves to read, hang out in the racquetball court, and shoot things. All, he aquired from watching the example of his father. Usually, I am nothing but delighted to have Samuel dog his father's heels in all things. Some examples though, need to come with an explanation.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

First Water Park Outing of the Year

Joyful boy.

Cold girl.

Wall flower.

Sage LOVED the water, in theory. She always stayed just out of splash range.


A Week of Leavitt Life

Wednesday. Cub Scouts. Chad is usually busy with the youth on Wed. nights, so the kids often end up with me at Scouts. Eden was just fine with that this week, as she got to make her very own volcano, and erupt it many times!
Doing my hair for date night Friday, I was joined in the bathroom by Sage. With Easter fresh in her mind, she found this basket on the back of the toilet. Festive and colorful as it was, she toted it around for a while, and cried when I wouldn't open one of the long green ones for her to eat.

Saturday morning we traveled to the local diamond for T-Ball (Samuel) and Coach's pitch (Lexi) games. Lily had decided that she wanted her Saturday mornings to be free, so she was not signing up for baseball this year.

Samuel. All that.

Lexi, runnin' home.

Sunday morning. Preparing for Branch Conference. LOVE the socks. The next day when Samuel got ready for school, he couldn't find any white socks, but he found some black ones in Gary's drawer. He wore them just like this. With shorts. Thanks Dad. I think I talked him into at least putting jeans on before he actually left.

Monday night. Family Home Evening. To open, Eden is leading us in singing, "Teach Me to Walk in the Light".

Lily, commenting on Daddy's lesson.

Activity: More T-Ball. Determined at the bat.

Go, Lily, Go!

I can't think of anything to write under this, but I need to put a picture of me in here once in a while, right?

The girls celebrating getting Dad "OUT!"

When our game was over, Chad and I decided we needed to have a little pick-up-trash-in-the-yard minute. Anything we leave within reach of the dog get's chewed to bits, and it makes our struggling yard look even worse. Combing the yard for such tiny pieces, we found; a dead frog,
a live frog, and this:

Lexi put it on the concrete and added the decor. Samuel said, "I don't think it can read that."

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Weekend

Friday afternoon we colored eggs. Gary has a festive sprinkling of yolk in his hair.
Saturday Morning it rained,(yeah!) so we had the hunt inside Grandma and Grandpa's house. Princess E had great success.

"Should I take it, cuz?"

The sun finally came out. We had post-hunt bubble blowing.
Easter morning! Lex was indignant that we re-hid her basket after she found it way too quickly!

Lily left no stone unturned, or cupboard unopened.
Motherly Easter Morning duties.

This chick PEEPS, and sounds as cute as it looks. They both thought so.

Samuel's basket came with a mitt. Too bad the Easter Bunny didn't remember, when she was at the store, that Samuel is Left Handed.
" So I like to eat my hardboiled eggs with the shell on... "
" What's it to ya'?"

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ode to a Wrestling Hampster

Into the palm of my hand you fit,
As I slather you with all my spit.
You are my King, and I'll forever be your Queen,
For you smell like Taco Sauce, and polyethelate styrene.
I will never see your face,
Your masked head ne'er will be bare,
But I will ever love,
And you forever will be fair.
Our lips may never truely touch,
But do not grieve.
I will always love you,
And you can never leave.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Just a question

Does anyone know how to make my name appear all on one line? I can't change it at all. I think if I moved it UNDER my profile picture, instead of beside it, it would work, but I have no ideal how to do that. HELP?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Down time

By mid-afternoon, we were a little worn down. We decided to have a breather on the porch of the Whinnie the Pooh store.
Samuel was sad, and Sage sat down by him and patted him and grinned. How can you resist that?

Besides being able to find each other when we're lost, an additional advantage to wearing matching shirts is that we look good in group shots.

We took our down time seriously and went completely horizontal on Pooh's Porch. Ahhh, our feet were happy.

Friday, April 10, 2009


I love how big our eyes got on the rides!

I had to concentrate very hard to get a picture of Sage's eyes, as she was usually on my lap. This was on the jungle cruise.

Gary only had eyes for the ducks that were in every body of water we passed. There were many, and we passed them over and over. I think the ducks could all recognize Gary by the time our trip was over. (If you're going, "Where's the duck?" You have to know that Gary's pointing mechanism is a little skewed. You have to look where is eye is focused to see that duck on the pier.)

More pics of our Disneyland trip!

We're off!
We wait in line.

And wait in more lines.

And we finally get to ride!

But not everyone is sure this is a good thing.

Happy Birthday Dad!

Just a few of the many, many reasons I love my dad:

He likes to hang out with my husband. He thinks I married a pretty great guy, and I'm grateful that we share that opinion.

He looks good in shades.
He looks good in a hat.

And he looks especially good... his role... Grandpa.