Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Once, every six weeks, it is my turn to be the teacher at Eden's "preschool". Today I found my teaching plan for my first week of duty back at the beginning of the school year. Here it is:

Read as they arrive

Practice writing D's

Read the alphabet on the wall

Cut and paste activity

Count with fishbowls on the wall

Review the days of the week

Eat cheese sticks, apples w/peanutbutter, and graham crackers

Read Dinosaur book

Practice writing 4's

Have a color scavenger hunt, ("Bring me something that is red! Now, something blue...")

Write names on mats with markers

Music time -- do motion songs (a list of no less than six songs followed)

Here is today's teaching plan:

(We're back around to A)
Play the Animal Game (Charades. Eden is doing the "Scorpion" here.)

Eat Apples and carrots
Makes A's out of playdough, and then Arachnids, to take home and hide for unsuspecting family members to happen upon, as it is April Fool's Day

Go play outside.

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  1. Such cute photos.
    I especially like the one of Eden and Talley.
    (i hope i am right)They grow up so darn fast.