Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Week of Leavitt Life

Wednesday. Cub Scouts. Chad is usually busy with the youth on Wed. nights, so the kids often end up with me at Scouts. Eden was just fine with that this week, as she got to make her very own volcano, and erupt it many times!
Doing my hair for date night Friday, I was joined in the bathroom by Sage. With Easter fresh in her mind, she found this basket on the back of the toilet. Festive and colorful as it was, she toted it around for a while, and cried when I wouldn't open one of the long green ones for her to eat.

Saturday morning we traveled to the local diamond for T-Ball (Samuel) and Coach's pitch (Lexi) games. Lily had decided that she wanted her Saturday mornings to be free, so she was not signing up for baseball this year.

Samuel. All that.

Lexi, runnin' home.

Sunday morning. Preparing for Branch Conference. LOVE the socks. The next day when Samuel got ready for school, he couldn't find any white socks, but he found some black ones in Gary's drawer. He wore them just like this. With shorts. Thanks Dad. I think I talked him into at least putting jeans on before he actually left.

Monday night. Family Home Evening. To open, Eden is leading us in singing, "Teach Me to Walk in the Light".

Lily, commenting on Daddy's lesson.

Activity: More T-Ball. Determined at the bat.

Go, Lily, Go!

I can't think of anything to write under this, but I need to put a picture of me in here once in a while, right?

The girls celebrating getting Dad "OUT!"

When our game was over, Chad and I decided we needed to have a little pick-up-trash-in-the-yard minute. Anything we leave within reach of the dog get's chewed to bits, and it makes our struggling yard look even worse. Combing the yard for such tiny pieces, we found; a dead frog,
a live frog, and this:

Lexi put it on the concrete and added the decor. Samuel said, "I don't think it can read that."


  1. Cinnamon
    I be that there is never a dull moment at your house. Everyone is always going a hundred miles an hour. Activities here there and everywhere.

    Chad, black socks with shorts? We could let that slide... but don't pass your sense of style... or lack thereof to your children.

    Quite the basket of goodies Sage has... not the edible kind though. They are pastel and fit the Easter theme.


  2. We did the exact same volcano at our scouts ;^) Love the socks Chad.