Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Treats

Our Halloweening started Thursday with the Elementary School Costume Parade.

Today's festivities started with pumpkin carving.
Sage carried in her own pumpkin.

Carving commenced. Lexi is doing a peace sign.
(One of the many "faces" of her pumpkin)

Then, off to trunk-or-treat.
This is the aligator that has been a significant part of Gary's wardrobe since October 1st.

Witch/pop-star Lily and hippy-chick cousin Hannah.

Ballerina Eden, and fairy-cousin Torrey.

My Jedi warrior.

Eden took a break from making the rounds to snuggle with Grandma.

Sage sought out the comfort of "Bapa" when the evening started seeming a little too strange.

'Cause Mommy wasn't quite herself.

Then home, and we lit the Jack-o-lanterns. Artistic credits, in order of appearance:
Eden, Lily, Lexi, Gary(his pumpkin still has the seeds in it.), Samuel, me/Sage.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Church Ball

Last Thursday was Volleyball night at church.
These are some pictures of my girls' beautiful form.

And now, the real reason I waddled all the way home and back to get my camera...

I love watching him play volleyball.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


With everyone else at school all day, the relationship between these two has been sweet to watch.
Tub time. (After some disaster, I'm sure.)

Sage kept trying to sit in the second dump truck, but it kept dumping her. Go figure.Snowcones at the soccer game

Hanging out in the boys' room
Gary will kareen down the driveway, and as far down the rode as his wheels will take him. Sage has learned, by sad experience, that she hasn't quite mastered steering. She is totally content to follow him on foot, down... and back.
Family Home Evening last Monday. Sage will hop up there with whoever is leading the opening song and conduct along with them. This week it was Gary, and it was adorable enough that I had to hop(haha) up and go get the camera.
Now don't think for a second that they are ALWAYS sweet to each other, but there are enough "Awww," moments, that I've been able to capture a few.

Tiny Dancer

They played warm-up music for the football players between games Saturday, and Sage took it upon herself to provide a little pre-game entertainment.

You can tell she's been watching Lexi and her kick lines.

Her facial expressions crack me up. I wish I'd let the camera run for three more seconds because, as the music ended, she clapped for herself. Or, more likely, just clapped because it was over, and that's what you do in the bleachers when the music stops. I didn't realize what socialization she's getting going to these games. By now, she probably understands football as well as I do. If someone has the ball, and you don't want him to have the ball, you chase him down and do something about it. Why yes. I think she's a football expert!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"The Dangerous Book for Boys" -- Who needs a book?

In the past two months, Gary has:

poured petroleum distillate lubricant all over himself and Sage(poison),

taken a hack saw to Samuel’s big inflatable ride-in ball,

sprinkled ant killer all over the sidewalk, himself and Sage(poison),

carved two holes in the kitchen wall with a screwdriver,

hammered blue pock marks over a large section of our recently refinished kitchen table with an ink pen,

tagged the lawnmower, Phillip, the garden shed, and the patio with pink paint(as you know),

was caught mid-swing on the roof of Chad's pick-up with hammer,

poured gasoline all over the garden shed,

poured gasoline all over the shop,

built a 10" fire ring out of gravel, filled it with sticks and talked Grandpa out of a lighter(Grandpa thought it didn't work. But it did.),

Sprayed down my bathroom with hairspray,

sprayed 40% deet Off (poison) all over the inside of the cab of Uncle Paul's pick-up, which bubbled the leather and stained the instrument pannel,

and yesterday, he threw this 1/8th of an inch thick, flat, yet sharp-edged end of a trampoline spring...

...through this. Samuel's hand.

Ow. This, at least, was an accident.

It seems every day we're looking at our home with new eyes, as "baby-proof" is not "Gary-proof." In his hands, everyday items become instruments of destruction, and things that are already instruments of destruction, are never out of reach of a 3-year-old on a mission. Constant supervision is the only thing that helps, but he made his chocolate mess today in under five minutes. After these incidents, Gary often says, "I'm sorry. I won't do it again." And he doesn't. He thinks of something new. I guess I need to learn to think like a 3-year-old and think of them first!

"All's fair..."

In our house, chocolate is for girls...

...unless, of course, you're in need of a little war paint.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Birthday Festivities

It's not officially Lily's birthday 'till Tuesday,
but we've started the festivities early!

Here is the Birthday Witch!
Saturday, we had a pinata, and played Sardines,

ate birthday cake and icecream, and opened presents,

wore costumes and took pictures!
Lily pretty much planned her own party, and helped with everything from the invitations to the cake to the schedule of events. She is so responsible. She is an awesome student, she's enthusiastic about her piano, and she is such a big helper around here, which I, of course, appreciate very much. The little kids love playing with her, as she's patient and enjoys them. She forgives easily and appologizes quickly. She is always bringing home treats for the rest of the family, and she enjoys doing little things to make us smile. I sure love my Lily-girl. We are so blessed to have her in our family!
Happy Birthday Lily!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Dunes Day

I got the pictures off of Chad's phone!
Saturday we rode the ATVs with the Steeds to a big sand dune and spent time...


feeling the sand between our toes,


messin' around




On the way home, I noticed that Sage reminded me of someone.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Weekend Watching

This was our Saturday this weekend:
First, we watched this boy play soccer,
Then we watched this girl dance.

Then, we watched these guys play football,

with these awesome friends from Utah (David and Annette Steed, and cute Philip!)
We also took the Steed family out on an ATV ride in the desert. We had a FUN time, and I got some great pictures, but they're on Chad's phone, and I don't know how to get them off! Hopefully Chad will figure it out for me soon and I will share ASAP!
All in all, a wonderful weekend, and we miss the Steeds already!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Roxy had her puppies yesterday!
There are five black ones and one white.
She's such a good and proud momma.
With good reason!