Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tiny Dancer

They played warm-up music for the football players between games Saturday, and Sage took it upon herself to provide a little pre-game entertainment.

You can tell she's been watching Lexi and her kick lines.

Her facial expressions crack me up. I wish I'd let the camera run for three more seconds because, as the music ended, she clapped for herself. Or, more likely, just clapped because it was over, and that's what you do in the bleachers when the music stops. I didn't realize what socialization she's getting going to these games. By now, she probably understands football as well as I do. If someone has the ball, and you don't want him to have the ball, you chase him down and do something about it. Why yes. I think she's a football expert!


  1. Oh, to have no social inhibitions. Too cute!

  2. kids...
    so cute and dancing comes easy for all of them.

    Music is loved by all.


  3. She can really get down. Adorable!