Sunday, October 25, 2009


With everyone else at school all day, the relationship between these two has been sweet to watch.
Tub time. (After some disaster, I'm sure.)

Sage kept trying to sit in the second dump truck, but it kept dumping her. Go figure.Snowcones at the soccer game

Hanging out in the boys' room
Gary will kareen down the driveway, and as far down the rode as his wheels will take him. Sage has learned, by sad experience, that she hasn't quite mastered steering. She is totally content to follow him on foot, down... and back.
Family Home Evening last Monday. Sage will hop up there with whoever is leading the opening song and conduct along with them. This week it was Gary, and it was adorable enough that I had to hop(haha) up and go get the camera.
Now don't think for a second that they are ALWAYS sweet to each other, but there are enough "Awww," moments, that I've been able to capture a few.


  1. It always warms my heart to see brothers and sisters be best friends.


    ps. they sure are cute kids Cinnamon.