Sunday, October 18, 2009

Birthday Festivities

It's not officially Lily's birthday 'till Tuesday,
but we've started the festivities early!

Here is the Birthday Witch!
Saturday, we had a pinata, and played Sardines,

ate birthday cake and icecream, and opened presents,

wore costumes and took pictures!
Lily pretty much planned her own party, and helped with everything from the invitations to the cake to the schedule of events. She is so responsible. She is an awesome student, she's enthusiastic about her piano, and she is such a big helper around here, which I, of course, appreciate very much. The little kids love playing with her, as she's patient and enjoys them. She forgives easily and appologizes quickly. She is always bringing home treats for the rest of the family, and she enjoys doing little things to make us smile. I sure love my Lily-girl. We are so blessed to have her in our family!
Happy Birthday Lily!


  1. Happy Birthday Lily!!! we sure miss you!!

  2. Maybe she can plan my next birthday; I wouldn't have to dress up though, I would just have to have it first thing in the morning:)

  3. She sure is a sweetheart...
    her sweet smile touched my heart many times.
    I love those dimples and cheery disposition.