Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Treats

Our Halloweening started Thursday with the Elementary School Costume Parade.

Today's festivities started with pumpkin carving.
Sage carried in her own pumpkin.

Carving commenced. Lexi is doing a peace sign.
(One of the many "faces" of her pumpkin)

Then, off to trunk-or-treat.
This is the aligator that has been a significant part of Gary's wardrobe since October 1st.

Witch/pop-star Lily and hippy-chick cousin Hannah.

Ballerina Eden, and fairy-cousin Torrey.

My Jedi warrior.

Eden took a break from making the rounds to snuggle with Grandma.

Sage sought out the comfort of "Bapa" when the evening started seeming a little too strange.

'Cause Mommy wasn't quite herself.

Then home, and we lit the Jack-o-lanterns. Artistic credits, in order of appearance:
Eden, Lily, Lexi, Gary(his pumpkin still has the seeds in it.), Samuel, me/Sage.


  1. They're adorable!! Samuel was a Jedi; without even planning our boys were star wars also. He would have fit right in in our house. Someone commented about all the boys to your brother and he said the boys are winning. I said the boys have won. There is no chance of having five girls to beat them.

  2. You were feeling a bit witchy??? Imagine that... it comes with the pregnant territory doesn't it.

    I love all the cute costumes.