Saturday, October 3, 2009

Utah Friends

Chad and I went to Utah last weekend to visit friends and have some fun. Chad mountain biked, played golf, and, the reason for the trip, went to the BYU football game. I, however, had other plans. First, I went shopping with my friend, Annette, here:

at Gardner Village. What a fun place! The shops are all in restored old houses, and they sell things like linens and quilting supplies and old fashioned candy. I bought a pumpkin tree for my entryway, a butterfly charm for my camera, and rhinestones for my eyelids. (Holloween is coming up.) Oh, and an orange shirt that says "Peace, love, LUCKY MOM", that sort of makes me look like a pumpkin. But that's ok. Shortly after Halloween's over I won't be so round anymore, and the pumpkinesque-ness will go away. I hope.
(Good heavens, I look like a pumpkin and you can't even see my belly! It's all just swelling, right?!?) Then Annette and I hooked up with the third member of our BYU-roommates trio, Lyndy. Our husbands were the roommates. We are the wives. We just really lucked out and like each other lots and lots and lots! We got pedicures and shopped a tiny bit and Annette bought us matching necklaces. Thanks Annette! Love them!!

Our husbands eventually caught up with us, and we went out to eat at Olive Garden, then came back to Lyndy and Shawn's so we could visit till our eyelids could barely stay up.

The next day, Annette and I shopped here, at the Sundance Harvest Festival...

...amid this scenery. Does shopping get any better than that?
Then we met up with my sister-in-law, Katrina, and went to the General Relief Society broadcast with her. We'd gotten to meet her new little Ryan earlier in the weekend. What a handsome guy! After the broadcast, we loaded up and headed home. What a wonderful weekend! Short, but oh, very sweet. :)


  1. Good friends and great times make for wonderful memories. Glad your trip was sweet and that you hardly noticed the short part.

    Love the changing colors we saw some of those Thursday up Cedar Canyon.


  2. It was great to see you too! Hope that you are having a wonderful week.