Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Favorite Halloween Pictures

 Lily and Lexi before school on Halloween.  I just realized we should have painted Lily's face green and called them Ga-linda, and the Wicked Witch of the West. 
 Bloody Samuel
 The Mummy Game in Eden's class party
 Gary as Gumby?  It's a green stretchy shape-suit thingie intended for imaginative play.  He really wanted to wear it, but when it came time to trunck-of-treat that night, he wouldn't wear it because he said, "People laughed."  It was pretty funny.  I wish it hadn't bothered him, because he was adorable and unique.  That night he put white gauzy fabric over his head and was a ghost.  Nobody laughed. 
 If you can't see her carving, you can click on the picture.  It's worth it.  She carved it herself.  It is my favorite pumpkin ever. 
He wouldn't wear this at Sage's party earlier this week.  On Halloween night, I mentioned candy, and he had no more problem with it.  He understands SO much more that I think. 

Hope you had a Happy Halloween.