Monday, April 27, 2009


And here he is, again having chosen to follow in Dad's footsteps. Maybe I need to see if Dad will explain to Samuel that, while it's perfectly acceptable to lounge around the house in black knee-socks and shorts, it is rarely acceptable to LEAVE the house that way. Samuel loves clam chowder, jerkey and asparagus. He loves to read, hang out in the racquetball court, and shoot things. All, he aquired from watching the example of his father. Usually, I am nothing but delighted to have Samuel dog his father's heels in all things. Some examples though, need to come with an explanation.


  1. I think for kids (scratch that) boys or men, Its whatever they find first. Maybe you should hide all black socks or lock them in the Sunday safe and then confiscate them after church. ;)


  2. He sure looks like his daddy too!!! woo woo.

  3. They do match the dark colored shorts you know! :) Your kids are so fun. I enjoy them in primary!