Monday, March 30, 2009

My children are so awesome! Really. They are.

Monday is Laundry Day. This morning when I asked Lily to bring me her basket of dirty clothes, she said, "Lexi already did my laundry." What? My eleven-year old does laundry? "Ya. When Sydney (Lexi's friend) spent the night on Friday, she taught her how." !!! Well, thank goodness for friends!
That was amazing, but was it the end of the amazingness in my day? Not even! Eden had cousin Tori over to play today. They ran in from outdoors with fistfulls of mustard weed. "Look! We've been weeding for you!" And then.....

Samuel came home from school and jumped right into doing his dishes without even being asked! Wow, wow, wow! Truely. My children rock.


  1. Wow! I think you need to come over and whip my kids into shape.

  2. How did you get so lucky? Dishwasher duty is like a death sentence at my house . . . for the kids too ;D

  3. These are totally impressive activities for children. Are they for sale? Just kidding.
    Don't want to take good kids from a great family.