Sunday, March 22, 2009

Flowers!... with a little(lotta!) help from my friends!

You might have to click on this picture and enlarge it to see the paintings on my windows, but they are well worth the click! I am lucky enough to have the valley window painters as my Visiting Teachers! Connie Mortensen, and Courtnie Villezcas, a mother-daughter duo, paint the windows of businesses all through the valley, and even throughout Southern Utah, I believe. Well, Friday morning, they unloaded, at my doorstep, their wagon-full of paint and brushes, and the March Ensign. They painted, and chatted, and shared a lesson on standing in defense of the family.
I had a picture here, just like the next one,
but everyone's not laughing hysterically,
and Samuel is facing away from the camera
and bending over. He was completely mortified
that I published a picture of his heiney,
(he was completely dressed!!!)
and I had to promise
that I would take it off of my blog.
So, it is gone.]

The kids all wanted their picture taken in front of the biggest, most wonderful window, although Samuel wasn't quite ready.

They laughed and laughed that I had taken a picture of Samuel's bum. (Check Eden out! Love it!)

Until he realized it might go on my blog.

Another SPRING-Y masterpiece. And, in case you haven't noticed by the pictures of my six children, I do, in fact, stand for FAMILY!


  1. How totally fun would this be.
    I am so glad it was your house and somewhere that children could appreciate their talent as artists.

    I bet you feel all happy springy.


  2. Wow! Your kids must be loving all those beautiful flowers. How fun! Hope you are having a great week!