Sunday, March 8, 2009

lots 'o stuff

Last week was "Reading Week" at school, and to celebrate, the kids dressed up each day. I REGRETTABLY neglected to get out the camera and take pictures of Lex as Cindy Lou Who, Lily as the Fiffer-feffer-feff, of "F...f...what begins with F" fame, and Samuel as, of course, Sam-I-Am. I did, however, get this lovely picture of Lex moments after she took her unicornesque ponytail out after "Crazy Hair Day",

...and this one of Lily on "Crazy Hat Day."

I bought the sheet music for "Bella's Lullaby", much to Alexus's elation. She worked so hard at trying to play it...

...that she wore herself quite out.
My plum tree BLOOMED! So I pruned it. It needed it. And so did our kitchen table.


  1. Look at that gorgeous view out your dining room window . . . jealous. What a fun activity for the kids.

  2. Your branch looks neat in your cool vase!