Monday, May 31, 2010

Family Night

Gary was on "Song" tonight, and was pleased to choose the one Primary song we know on the guitar.  
The family has been taking lessons for about a month.  
We now own three guitars, and we put them to use to accompany "I Am a Child of God".
I have decided I love the guitar.  
It always has a nice sound, even when you're messing up, 
and from day one, we were playing "songs".  
One chord songs, yes, but you feel so successful! 
Next, we had a lesson on developing out talents.
(Reinforce the positive!)
And then...
Daddy gave a mini-course on hammering nails. 
Learning to do this is on their list of "Disneyland Goals", 
and it was a "talent" they could all learn in one evening.
Did I ever tell you I once won a nail-hammering contest?  
I did.  
It was the same day I almost killed myself with a nailgun.  
We do not own a nailgun.
They give me the shivers.
 Gary was very good at hammering.  
He's had lots of practice 
on the roof of Uncle Paul's truck.
He's kind of grown out of that stage now.
We are all relieved.  
You may not be totally entertained 
seeing my children hammer nails,
but we were.
And then we had treat
and went to bed.


  1. Who do you take guitar lessons from?

  2. Zila Johnson. Do you know her?

  3. I think holding a nail gun would give me shivers too... I remember a concrete nail gun once my dad used and it was scary.

    All power tools could be dangerous for me...

    I wondered if Dianne was teaching you guys... I often think of Dianne playing and singing different times in my life. I am sure Zila is a wonderful teacher too.


  4. I think nail hammering is great entertainment. So is guitar playing. Is that a more soothing instrument than piano? I'm about ready to nail down my piano lid to keep Jara and Jack off of it!

  5. Sheila -- Dianne and Zila are both awesome on the guitar! Wow. That will be us someday :) ha ha.
    Joshlyn -- yes, guitar is much more soothing than the piano! Much softer, and more forgiving if you don't hit the notes perfectly :)