Thursday, May 27, 2010

Samuel's Birthday

I'm a bit behind, but I still wanted to document Samuel's big day.
Eight years old!
On his birthday, we had pie and presents.

In his class at school,
when it's your birthday,
you get to exchange your chair for the big blue ball. 
Isn't that the coolest idea?
Samuel's teacher is the greatest.
And, those are silk worms on everyone's desks.  
They have been raising them, and got to bring their charges home today. 
Lexi carried a screaming Sage to me this afternoon.  
"I don't know what's wrong with her!!"
I turned Sage around to face me
and realized she had a big silk worm 
hanging out on the front of her shirt.  
Thanks to Gary. 
I made Samuel get it off. 
Two days later, we had his "friends party", with cake,
and games. 
Good times. 
Happy Birthday Samuel!

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  1. Wow! He's so big. Taylor can't wait for him to visit this summer and is already planning his party with his cousins. I hope they're coming:)