Sunday, March 14, 2010

Catching Up

Eden did, in fact, turn 6 on her birthday.
Her most anticipated present was her case of Ramen noodles from Grandpa Gary. She has been known, at Grandma and Grandpa's, to say, "I've finished my dinner, can I have Ramen noodles now?"
Sage's Bozo look
Lexi had dance competition last Saturday.
They took 1st place for their lyrical dance, (pictured here)
and 2nd in hip-hop. Yeah!

p.s. I cry almost every time I watch that girl dance! I thought it was just pregnancy hormones during football season, but no, I still do it.
Ah, Motherhood.
I tried to curl Lex and Lil's hair last Saturday night, but I guess I remembered the mothod incorrectly. I don't have an after picture, but it pretty much looked like they had dreadlocks. Oh well. We shared some bonding time putting in all those curls.


  1. Loved the lyrical dance - I saw them perform it at the Virgin Valley game the Wednesday before their competition.

  2. So cute...
    bozo look and all.

    I love Lily's smile! always have always will.

    Eden and my niece Kate would get along charmingly... she loves ramen too.