Sunday, March 7, 2010

Here's to Honesty

My friend Joshlyn posted one day about a reoccurring dream she has about her teeth falling out. She was told that it meant that she was a liar. She thinks of herself as a pretty honest person, and then she remembered an article she read. It proffered that if you wear colored contacts, a padded bra, play toothfairy, suck in your gut, or don't answer your telephone, than you are a liar. She admitted that this broad definition of lying landed her squarely in the ranks of the dishonest, and then asked, "So, what's your 'lie?' And don't even say you don't lie or I will curse you with the dream."

I immediately thought this. Yes this. This here. This blog. Oh, I don't say things that aren't true. I don't make things up or doctor my pictures. It's the things I don't say, and the things I don't show you. I close the door to the computer room before I take pictures in that direction so you don't see the clutter on my desk. No matter what cute thing Sage is doing, I won't post her picture if she's naked except for a diaper that is hanging down to her knees. And I certainly don't tell you about the times when the people in my family are disrespectful and harsh to each other. So.... in an effort to come clean --
here's to honesty!The bad hair days(is that a Bump-it I see?)
The clutter

The venom


  1. I don't think you are rude! Is there such a think as no clutter? and I guess after reading the true description of a lie I feel awful!!!

  2. I remember when Joshlyn posted this... and I decided then that I was a liar with my pants on fire.

    I have done the same thing... taken a photo as not to show the clutter... or the fact that I am not wearing make-up have not brushed my hair or teeth. Today I think I will post something totally honest.

    I just love you. There is something so wonderful about you and I just can't put my finger on it... so it must be the many things that make you... well YOU!


  3. Couldn't think of two straighter arrows than you and Joshlyn. If you are liars, the rest of us are doomed :)