Saturday, February 28, 2009

Eden Ann

Happy Birthday Eden Ann!

"Can you fly?" asked Gary.

Eden had a special day today. Her sister, Lily, made her scrambled eggs for breakfast. She had a chocolate cake with chocolate icing and pink bunnies on it. She got a TinkerBell dress,(hence Gary's curiosity about her flying ability) a Beauty and the Beast movie, and white dancing slippers, among other things that made her smile that little smile that she tries so hard to hide. She got to go on two Ranger rides with her father, and she never had to go to bed because she fell asleep on the couch shortly after 8. Eden, I LOVE YOU! I love how you TOLD me you were having a great birthday, I love how you were so delighted when we discovered that you have freckles in the shape of a flower on your right cheek, I love that you clean your room happily, and I love that you like to play games and Pollies with me. Happy Birthday number 5 Sweet Eden Ann!

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  1. Eden you look adorable, Leah was sure sad to miss your special day!!!