Monday, August 30, 2010

Last hurrah of summer

We decided we needed ONE MORE escape from the blast furnace of Summer before school started.
So, Thursday afternoon, we loaded up the kids and the OHVs, and headed to Cedar City.
We enjoyed a hotel pool that night, and woke up the next morning ready to load up and head for the hills. 
It was delicious to need coats and mittens and hats with ears.

Our first stop was the "ICE CAVE", which was somewhat lacking in ice, but we could see our breath.  Then we came to this cave.  "Mammoth Cave."  Hm.  Where have I heard that before?  We trecked through most of the tunnels, all the children in tow, except this one --
He hung with Grams.  Which was good because --
I'm not sure we would have fit through if he were "hanging" with me.  
Between tunnel explorations Sage decided she REALLY wanted this "stick."  
She was furious that it wouldn't budge. 
Back on the trail.
Little Chad knows how to ride.
Grandpa and Grandma on the hike to Cascade Falls.  
The edges made me nervous, but it was a beautiful hike.
This was my hiking partner.  
She held my hand so I wouldn't be scared. ;)

And the contractor had to figure out how the observation platform was constructed.
On the way back to the rigs we pointed out the chocolate trees to the kids.  
Or the strawberry, or vanilla, depending on which tree you're sniffin'.  
Snack stop, map check, potty break.
Sage sang and sang.  
I think this song had something to do with "Chad cries..."
It cracked me up. 
Saturday afternoon we headed for home.
Isn't it nice when Zion National  Park is on your way home?  
A gorgeous end to a gorgeous weekend. 
Now school can start.


  1. So this was the last hurrah Dianne was talking about in SS class yesterday. How fun. Actually 2 people I know did the whole Mammoth Cave thing this past weekend... both on Saturday I think. Good to have play time befor things get back to routine and seriousness.