Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Caribbean Cruising

Chad and I went on a cruise this winter with some of my family. 
 Here are  just a few of our adventures:
Entering the ruins of Tulum.  
Mom and Dad, posing on the cliffs inside. 
Was this a Mayan resort town?  

Lunch after the ruins.  The salsa about killed me.  It looked just like the mild pineapple salsa from the restaurant we had eaten at the day before, so I piled it on.  Not quite!
We played in the progressive trivia competition every afternoon aboard the ship.  We won!  By the skin of out teeth.  I asked my kids the winning question when we got home, "What Chinese monument can be seen from space?"  Samuel says, "The Great Wall".  I guess we'll have to have him on our team next time!
The snorkeling boat in Costa Maya.  It was so beautiful, and despite the wind and choppy water, we saw so much wildlife.  Awesome.

Spelunking and repelling in Belize.  The caves were beautiful, and the repelling
and zip-lining were just fun enough!

Our group on formal night:  Back:  Mom, Dad, me, Chad.
Front:  Sarah, my sister, baby Everest, and Mike.


  1. I bet you enjoyed yourself... I have never done the whole cruise scene... probably never have wanted to... but those that go seem to love them.


  2. Rub it in! I'll be there next time.