Sunday, May 8, 2011

Here's Your Sign

Though I took FOUR semesters of American Sign Language in college, and though I think it is a WONDERFUL idea to teach your babies sign, I have never actually  knuckled down and done it.  So, if my babies want to speak sign, they have to teach themselves.  Chaddy has done a fabulous job of this.  Like any true signer knows, facial expressions have a lot to do with the grammar of the language. I have been documenting Chaddy's facial sign for the past month or so, and am ready to share his incredible abilities with the world. 

This first sign means, "I love dirt."

"Yes I did just throw a pencil at you.  Whaddayagonna do about it?"

"Lips Off."  
This one is especially existential.  "I have cried, wined, flailed and pounded, and yet here I still sit, restrained, inhibited, strapped.  Why, why, why?" 
Or, more succinctly,
 "Let me outa here."

"I could strike you out with my eyes closed."

"Do you think there's another cupcake in one of those eggs?

And finally, my favorite, "Kiss me, Momma!" 

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  1. I love your photographic... Here's your sign!