Thursday, July 16, 2009


If there is a God, which, of course, there is, and if we are His children, which, of course, we are, than our welfare and well-being are caught up in everything He has ever done. He does what He does because He loves us, right? So, why dinosaurs? We're working on the questions of When dinosaurs, and How dinosaurs, but I have often wondered, in the ultimate view of things, Why? It took an entire planet and millions of years. Why was it so important? Then one day I smiled at this thought:

One day in Heaven, when the earth was much newer, Heavenly Father said, "Sons, today we are going to have Celestial Scout Camp, (or Devine Father-'n'-Son's, something like that) and we're going to go down to that planet and make DINOSAURS." The sons faces lit up and they shouted, "YEAH!!! We have the greatest Dad EVER!!!" Which, of course, they did.


  1. Ha ha ha. Thanks for the great belly chuckle! :D

  2. You just may have something there Cin.


  3. I love you Cin!!!!!! When you think of it that way it makes having boys all the more fun!!

  4. I told my walking buddy this story and we both had a good laugh over it. You're so creative.