Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fish Stories

Friday, Chad and I went deep sea fishing with his company.
I caught a big fish.
(Actually that guy in the foreground hooked it and hollered at me,"Come take this!" So I threw the sardine I was clutching back into the live-well, ditched my pole, and grabbed his. Reeling it in took ALL I had. They kept telling me, "Keep the end of your pole UP!" I just wanted to say, "But I'm a GIRL! And that has got to be a walrus on the end of this line because it's not budging!" It finally budged all the way to the boat, they gaffed it and threw it on deck. I posed, with quivering arms, for a picture, and secretly hoped that would be the last fish I would catch that day. Surely they don't come any smaller than that, and I would have to wuss-out if it were any bigger.

This is the entire boat's take for the day. Mine is the smallest.

We saw schools and schools of dolphin.

And one seal, one flying fish, and two jelly fish.

Wanna hear a funny story?

Chad usually has such mastery of the English language,

That his flub-ups are memorable.

This fishing trip reminded me of a similar trip he took a few years ago.

On these trips, you either catch yellow fin tuna(like the one I caught),

blue fin tuna, or albacore(the BIG ones).

Chad had had more luck that year and had caught multiple albacore.

He was telling me about it as I was frying up some of his catch the next day. "Boy, it sure was fun realing in those albatross," he said.

I looked at him.


Tell me you know what an albatross is."

"Oh," he said, realizing he'd made a mistake, "it's a prison."


  1. Thanks for the chuckle . . . I can just picture Chad saying that. Looks like a fun adventure too!!

  2. Great story!
    Alcatraz? Albatross? Albacore?
    Aren't they all the same? ;)


    ps. nice fish, sorry they weren't as lucky this year.