Monday, September 21, 2009

A Day On the Lake

For many reasons, (meetings, budgeoning bellies, babies who don't like to travel...) we decided not to go to San Diego for the annual Lewis family weekend on the beach. Instead, we had a "stay-cation", and did fun things closer to home. Thursday evening started our fun as we cooked up four different kinds of shrimp and pretended we were at Joe's Crab Shack, a tradition in San Diego. Friday night we did "Movie and pizza night", and went to see "Cloudy, With a Chance of Meatballs." Saturday was the day we'd all waited for! We were taking the boat out on Lake Mead, for our first solo run. We've been out before, but never without another, more experienced boatman along. Chad, however, did fabulously, and the kids had a great time. As you can see.
Sage was the only one who didn't try out the tube.

Our fearless pilot and his co-pilot

The brave ones got an extra wild ride.

What are those wooden women that are carved onto the front of huge ships called?... I can't remember, but Eden was ours.

The younger ones got back on for another ride, and Lex and Lil were slightly bored with the slower speed.

We parked in Cathedral Cove and dove in for a swim. Samuel wanted to climb the rock. So he did. The water was blissful, and being weightless, for me, was just a little bit o' heaven.

Gary was fearless, and jumped again and again into that bottomless water.

Eden, with Lily, swam back and forth between the boat and the shore, gathereing mussel shells and piling them on the back of the boat.
Then it was time to head home. Chad was nervous to dock, as he'd never done it before. On the second try, I jumped onto the dock and we clumsily tried to tie the boat alongside the pier. Samuel said, "You don't have to be emberassed, Dad. There's noone here to see." Just then, another boat puttered up, and the wife of its pilot tried to jump onto the pier, but she face-planted onto it instead. I felt so sorry for her, especially as I knew, because my dancing feet were telling me, that the surface of the pier was about 1000 degrees. She was ok, and Chad and I relaxed a little, knowing we weren't the only greenies on the lake. Anyway, a fun day, and maybe, with a little experience under our belts, it will be something we do more often.


  1. I was looking for your kids in Dianne's photos. This would be why they weren't there. I am so glad you got to spend some quality time together in spite of the demands of life...


  2. How fun! I love stay-cations! Oh and blurb books are an EASY way to take all of your blog posts and put them in a book. Go to and it seriously only took me maybe 10 minutes to have the website design my book (with my pictures and all), and voila, it arrived a week later! Check it out! :)