Monday, September 7, 2009


Photos of our trip:I wanted to get awesome pictures of the kids at Charlie Creek Park because I knew it would be beautiful there. I was semi-successful.
I got some great ones of Eden in front of the waterfall.


I got one of Gary about to go onto the picture-taking rock, that was just barely in the water.

Then he fell IN the waterfall, and that was the end of that photo shoot.
For the rest of the hike he was shirtless, wet and cold, not to mention not too smiley.

He did enjoy the creek though, with the minnows, this,

and this.

Later in our stay, the kids got brave enough to try the September water in my parents' pond.

It's so peaceful there. Floating here is where I "go" when I'm in labor. Which doesn't help at all, according to my anesthesiologist. Well, not compared to an epidural, no.

But it sure beats where I "am" at the time.

We made the rounds to visit all the grandparents, and I only took pics of our day in Logansport, visiting Grandma Bevelhimer. I love this picture of my Dad pushing Gary.

Chad and Dad cranked homemade icecream. Yes, that is motor oil behind Dad's leg. The secret ingredient? I didn't ask. I just ate.

This girl and her balloon were absolutely joyful.


Then all the kids rode the historic carousel, complete with rings to grab and everything, though I don't think any of my kids could reach them. Chad grabbed pleanty for them, two-at-a-time even, but no gold ones.

Then we went back to my parents and squeezed in one more meal before we had to go. Mom's Island Pork Salad and sweet corn from the garden. Does it get any better than that?
We did so much more that I didn't personally get pictures of. Chad caught a huge King Salmon in Lake Michigan with my dad and brothers. We went to the Lake cottage and Eden found a big SNAKE, which my sister, Kara, the snake hunter, caught and held for the brave to pet. We went to Grandma Coffman's and got so many mosquito bites I was worried our nursery leader would think my littles had a disease and wouldn't let them come in on Sunday. We met little Emma and Lucas --so sweet!-- We played games and cooked and talked and just ENJOYED being home. All too short! Love, to Indiana!


  1. It looks like you had a wonderful visit!! We can't wait to see you in San Diego!!

  2. Looks beautiful!

    I fly into Indianapolis Friday... my sister lives close to the border in Illinois. This will be my first visit and I am getting excited.