Saturday, November 21, 2009

November, so far.

November has flown.
I haven't posted much, but life has certainly been going ahead full speed.

Lexi has begun volleyball.
Lillian has too. They are both awesome.

Flag football has started for Samuel.
He caught an interception yesterday. Yeah!

Chad was the substitute coach yesterday morning.
Lex was my photographer, and I love the look she caught on his face.

Samuel also had his Thanksgiving play at school.
He was Abraham Lincoln.

Eden lost her first tooth.

Gary thrashed the bathroom.
That toilet contains two tubes of toothpaste and a Frisbee -- under, of course, a fair amount of TP that was, well, yellow.
Also, just in case you're curious, Gary's list of misdemeanors this week includes such things as burying a chunk of wood for me to find in our dinner casserole, and putting all five puppies in an empty food bag and weighing down the end so they couldn't get out. Just a few highlights.

Sage won't let me fix her hair, but she will let Lex.
So, only on Sat and Sun, when Lexi is home in the mornings, does Sage look "done-up".

All of the kids have been enjoying the puppies.
We put them up for sale this week, and it has been bittersweet to think of them leaving.
So, that's what we've been up to lately.
How about you?


  1. It is priceless to visit your blog! I could be accused of being prejudice, but...they are so bright and clever are sweet and cute!! And no wonder with such a lovely Mom and precious Dad:)

  2. oh we missed the Thanksgiving play :( I'm sad