Monday, November 30, 2009

My elves

A week ago, Sunday morning, Chad started getting sick. He was ready to leave for church, hours before the rest of us, of course, and was sitting on the couch for one last breather before he was out the door for a long day. I lay with my head on his lap, wishing he didn't have to go. Chad sighed and I asked what was wrong. "Just feeling overwhelmed." I could hear in his voice his many concerns, and on top of that, the cold settling in. I couldn't help it. Getting the whole family somewhere on time, by myself, is a nigh-impossible task, even when I'm at 100%, and I certainly wasn't. There are so many things I rely on him for, more especially now, that the thought of him being out of commission with sickness was more than I could take. "I'm sorry. I hope you don't have to change your clothes," I said as my tears puddled on the leg of his suit pants. He stayed to comfort me a minute, and then got up to leave. On his way out, I could hear him talking with our two oldest daughters. It soon was apparent to me what he had said. Lexi took the two youngest kids and got them bathed and dressed, as Lily helped Eden. Lex made lunch for everyone, including me, and did everyone's jobs. She had to run some stuff over to her dad right before church started, and he asked how I was doing. "Oh, she's crying again. But now it's because she's happy."

I had reason for tears again this week, as I came home from church to a clean house, (and believe me, it wasn't that way when we left!) the table beautifully set, and dinner waiting. Connie had grabbed Lexi after Sacrament meeting, snuck to my house, and together, they had transformed it. Connie had brought dinner, and saved my family from an evening of leftovers. My gratitude was double, because this week, I was the one with the cold. Thank you, thank you Connie. I can't even say how grateful I am that Heavenly Father has put you in my life. I, and my whole family, have been so blessed. On top of everything else, my children are learning the joy of service from you. And, I feel like I have another mother watching out for me. Thank you, so much.


  1. Now that is a holiday story. I loved it... not that you were overwhelmed but that you have an awesome support system.


  2. You truly do have the most wonderful visiting teachers... She went all out and washed your dishes by hand and was simply amazing. Tell how wonderful she is from me too!