Sunday, April 4, 2010

...and here is LILY


  1. It was fun and a wonderful shoot. Cortnie and I learned a lot of new things, so thanks!!

    If you don't want to post all the pictures to your blog. Go to the Photo blog and under your pictures it says "click here to view entire album" click on that then copy the link in the address bar and past it in a post on your blog. Then everyone can go see all the pictures and you don't have to stay up till midnight posting them all :)

    MIss you guys! See ya around.

  2. Ha ha, you noticed the time of my post :) My computer was not having a good night. I think I'll still give everyone their own post, so noone feels left out! And then see if I can do the link thing so the rest of the pictures would be viewable. Thanks for the idea! And, your check has been written for over a week...I think I'll try the mail :)