Sunday, April 18, 2010

We Interrupt This Emergency to Bring You a Regular Broadcast...

My only picture of actual Easter Sunday that I posted last time, was the one of us watching Conference in our balloon hats. Grandma C had gotten the kids a bag of those long balloons, and we'd lugged various bicycle pumps in from the garage. Grandma googled how to make balloon things, and she and the kids went to town making stuff. I am very proud of the fact that Samuel is now quite adept at making balloon dogs.

The other pictures were from Saturday, on our ATV ride to the sand dune for a picnic. Here are some more:

Chillin' in the shade

Grandma cooling her toes in the sand. Grandma enjoying the baby.

The kids, coloring eggs.

Sage had the green dye. She was the fastest dipper you've ever seen.
In. Out. Next egg please.

And then, we hunted eggs.

The hunt for the little kids was at Aunt Bonnie and Uncle Tim's.
Isn't that grass awesome!

Fun day.

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