Thursday, July 8, 2010


I found this blog ( while searching for a Father's Day present for Chad on Etsy, of all places.  Someone was selling a sign they had made for her that said, "We can do hard things."  That's a phrase we've been trying to convince our children, and ourselves, of, for a year or so now, and I wondered who, also, was trying to create strong children in a tough world.  Well, that "who", is a woman named Glennon, mother of three.  She is not like me in many ways.  She buys organic on purpose, she drinks coffee and beer, and she looks great in a bikini.  But she is like me in so many other ways.  She treasures her family, is in awe of her children, and I love, love, love, to read what she writes about it all.  If you want to be newly reminded to be inspired by your children and uplifted by life, go check her out.  You'll be glad you did. 

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  1. I clicked on over for a looksie... I noticed right away how great she looks in a bikini. I could also see that she treasures her family. I am glad I visited her blog... and I may have to stop back by again.