Friday, July 23, 2010

Seattle to Portland

Chad and friends rode their bicycles 200 MILES last Saturday,
from Sattle, WA, to Portland, OR.  
We caught our breath at the beach in Seattle Friday afternoon, 
after driving for a day and a half to get there.  
None of us had considered that it could be cold at sea level in July,
so we were cold.  
I'd grabbed a jacket for baby Chad 
as an afterthought, 
as I was walking out the door.  
We'd packed a blanket in case the AC got too high in the van.
The next morning the boys lined up at the start
at 4 am.  
This is them, pulling into the lunch stop at mile 100, at 9 something am.
I hate being negative here, 
so I will simply tell you that the laughter in this picture
is due to the fabulous sandwich David is making.
And after that, we laughed about the fabulous jackets.
If this picture seems a little blurry, 
it is because my subjects were shivering.  
Back on the road again.  
Chad may look like he is smiling, but he is not.
He's grimacing through the pain.
His knee was having intense issues.
However, he peddeled through it all, and finished the 
202 MILES.
Though he said he will never do it again.
That's what he said last time.  

 After the ride, 
we plugged "Gold's Gym" into the GPS so the boys, 
in their Gold's Gym jerseys, 
could go beg showers.
There is no Gold's Gym in Portland, 
but there was a 24-hr fitness, so off we went.
When Google Maps said, "Destination on right," we were here:
This happened to be one of the three restaurants my aunt Susan, 
who used to live in Portland, 
had suggested.  
I don't know what kind of shape you'd be in if you came here to work out every day.
We bagged the "showers first" thought and ate, 
you know, 
since we were there.
Then we drove the day and a half home. 
Though Chad doesn't want to ever do that again,
I would :)

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  1. I will make it clear... I am not trained or ready for a ride like that. However, I would love to go to Seattle. I have even heard about how wonderful Portland is... but Seattle is a dream of mine.

    My sister is living in Issaquah, WA not far from Seattle (I do have a great excuse to go now) and she was still using her heat well into June. So I understand how cold you all might have been.