Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Samuel and baby Chad and I just got back from a week in IN.  
We saw Grandparents,
and more Grandparents...
...and more grandparents.
Chad loved his corn on the cob, 
all planted, cultivated, harvested, picked, buttered, salted, and worn, by Grandpa.
We met new cousins/neice/nephew, Avaleigh Grace, and Everst Mitchell.
Avaleigh's father blessed her Sunday when we were there.  
That was a sweet surprise for us to be able to be there for that!
We attended my cousin Jacob and his bride, Kayla's wedding while we were there.
What a beautiful evening, 
and what a beautiful couple.  
And of course, we spent some time at Jared and Marie's new place.  
We visited Charlie Creek park
and walked the labyrinth.  
Our "epiphany" at the center was that,
even though it's flat, 
the acoustics at the center are way cool!
We found frogs and crawdads in the creek, 
and posed for pictures on the bridge.
Thank you, Mom and Dad, for a wonderful week!
It was great to see everyone and enjoy lovely Indiana in the summer! 


  1. It looks like you had the best time in Indiana. Good for you and the lucky kids that got to go along. What a beautiful post!

    I hope you didn't take yesterday's comment the wrong way... it wasn't a scare tactic... I am just an overly paranoid mother with an empty nest. It did scare me watching them jump... I think I got my worry syndrome from my Mother.


  2. I read today's comments before I read yesterdays, so no, I didn't take it the wrong way :) It was an easy little jump, and they were flanked by their mothers. Hopefully they'll always do iffy things that way, then they'll never be too iffy! Ha ha.