Monday, September 27, 2010


In two weeks, Chad and I are going to begin teaching a 
Marriage and Parenting class to the Spanish Branch.  
Do we have a perfect marriage? 
Do we have perfect children? 
Do I speak Spanish?
 But I have been assured that none of these are qualifications to teach this course. 
I'm not sure how this will all work out,
but I will keep you posted.  
In preparation for our first day of class, I read over our lesson materials today.  
The homework assignment for day 1 is to find out the love language of each person in your family, 
and use it. 
Your choices are:
Non-sexual touch
My one qualification for teaching this class is that I have taken it twice.  
So, I already have made an attempt to make out the love languages of my crew.  
The point of all of this, is that Chad's love language is words, and I wish to have something personal to share with the class come October 10th.  So, I am dedicating this post to him, in the hopes that he feels excruciatingly loved after he reads it, or at least says something funny that we can use in our class.
Here goes.


Because your children adore you.  
Even after you subjected our dance-queen pre-teen to 
pre-dawn departure,
dust-covered days,
a doorless outhouse,
and micey nights,
she still wants to go hunting with you again, ASAP.

Because you have opened my eyes to a whole new cuisine culture.
Because your family loves you.   They seek your company even when you're covered with road dust, and your breath smells like canned fish.
 Because together, we produce babies that can eat cow poop and not even get sick.  
Really.  That's what he's doing in this actual picture.  

Because this week, this is what I'm reading, and I'm reading it because you already did, and you loved it and told stories from it around our Fourth of July campfire.  
I love you because you're a patriot through and through, and when you are passionate about good things, it makes me positively swoon.
Well it does.
Because I got to see you do this, and you did so well, 
though it made you nervous. 
Because you are such a rock; a steady place that we all lean against, stand on, and get our bearing by.
 Because someday our daughters will be laughing and feeling so beautiful and special as they dance with you at their receptions.  
As Chantz and Emily got married this weekend, the only time I was hunting for my hankie was during the Daddy-Daughter dance.  
Not the slow, sweet waltz part, but the part where they ditched their formal duds, donned their sunglasses, and twisted the night away.  
What friends they are.  
I know that our daughters feel the same way about you, and I will need to have hankies on hand for many Daddy-Daughter dances in the future.  

Loving you, this week and always,

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  1. Well Cinnamon,
    I already had a soft spot in my heart for Chad... but this post proves what I already knew. He is a wonderful person.