Monday, November 8, 2010


 My parents came out for our Halloween weekend.  
We started out with scary stories on the trampoline with Grandpa.
 Then to the elementary Halloween Parade we went.
 Lily, waiting her turn to strut her stuff. 
 Grandma entertained the spectators.

That afternoon was Grandma and Grandpa's anniversary party, 
and that evening, (Saturday) we went Trunk-or-Treating.
This is Gary, as, of course, a dinosaur, 
in case you couldn't tell who it was.

Here's some more of the gang;
Tinkerbell, Vampire, Teenager, (Wooooo, scary!)dino reprise.

Eden and Samuel, the Gypsy and the Jedi.
Grandpa and the baby, who was supposed to be at home sleeping, 
but couldn't bare to miss out on the fun!

1 comment:

  1. It looks like your kiddos know how to have fun at Halloween. I love Lily's costume... gorgeous.

    I was starting to wonder where you have been... but your parents were here I totally understand now. I am glad they got to come.