Sunday, November 14, 2010

Roos 'n' More

On our last day with Grandpa and Grandma, 
we experienced this treasure.
We have a local zoo called Roos 'n'  More, that is SUCH a unique place!
We were greeted at the door by baby Boomer, a wallaroo.  
We each got to hold him.  Wow.  
At how many zoos do you get to do that?
In the background is a bearcat.  
I've never even heard of that before!
His name is Frito
because he smells like Fritos.
But true.
I smelled him myself. 
 Then on to the boa constrictor.
Everyone who wanted to got to hold him too.  
That was not all of us.
I do not remember his name. 
 Toucan next.  
His beak was light and hollow, and his tongue was like a feather.  
He wanted to eat my bracelet.
 We were there on Nov. 2nd, and were told that this goat had wanted to dress up like a devil for Halloween, so they let it. Devil or no, Sage needed a snuggle.
(They also "let" the zebra dress up like a tiger.  
He was orange.  
How fun is that?!)

 I don't actually remember if this was a wallaroo, a kangaroo, or a wallaby, 
but WOW!  We got to pet it!
 Eden took a minute to warm up to the monkey-love,
but he was so playful, he was hard to resist.
 And he could not resist Lexi's headband!
 Chad thought Grandpa had quite the hair accessory!
The monkey loved to play "My Rocks!"  
All of my kids scooped up piles of rocks, and then he would try to steal them.

Last stop:  Samuel fed the sloth a bunch of grapes one by one by skewering them on a 
porcupine quill he's acquired earlier in the day.
What an outing!  
I had no idea we had such a COOL place so close!
I'm so glad we went!


  1. I have thought of taking my grand-girls to see this zoo... however, everytime I have them its closed. It does look like you all had a great time their. Maybe one of these days it will work for us.


  2. That my rock game sounds similar to one we play at our house. I can't wait to see you guys. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving next week!