Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just Gary. Just because, well, you know.

 Lily kept catching horned toads, and the kids loved them. 
 You have to click on this picture to see him, but he is there--and only stopped there because his momma didn't think it was wise for him to go further. 
 No fence-sitting for him.
He prefers fence-flying.
 Fixing the motorcycle was the excitement for this afternoon.
Fire bugs.

Aunt Racqual's redneck pinata for Gabe's birthday

 And my redneck erector set:  toothpicks and mini-marshmallows. 
Gary and David made bar-bells and lifted weights
 Not afraid to leap across creeks as wide as he is tall (Actually, I can't think of anything he's afraid of.)
This is the previous horned toad's older brother(I think). 
They are so fat!  It's a mystery to me how they survive in the wild. 

And, not to be outdone by little sister...

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  1. Such fun trips... I love being in the mountains. Just got back from Logan... it's like being in heaven.