Tuesday, October 19, 2010

More Bang for Your Buck. (Sorry. I couldn't resist.)

 I took Samuel to soccer practice tonight.  
There was an amazing lightening storm going on to the south.  
I tried throughout his whole practice to catch pictures of it.
These are the best ones.
 Samuel said that in this picture it is dancing.
 Cool huh!  This was my very last picture of the night.  
I decided it was a good one to end on. 
No, it's not striking that light poor pole over and over.  
It was so far away, we couldn't even hear it.
 While Samuel and I were at practice, 
our home was deer-processing central.
Paul and Chad and Grandpa Gary cleaned.
(Grandpa left before I got out the camera.)
 Lexi ground.
Lily and Samuel weighed and packaged.  
We will turn it all into jerky tomorrow.
My kids, amazingly, had a ball doing this.  
I guess, what kid wouldn't?
  You get to play with stuff that's slimy and gross, 
and at the end of the day (well, two days, to be precise) 
you get to eat something TASTY. 
At least, we hope it will be tasty.  
Wish us luck!


  1. I absolutely love your lightening pics... and Good Luck with the jerky.


  2. Those lightning pictures are amazing!! Good work!

    Hope your jerky turned out tasty!

    About the Mindy Gledhill CD...I love it. If you like her music...you will too!

    Have a wonderful day!!