Sunday, October 24, 2010


 This is what we(Chad) taught in our marriage and parenting class tonight.  
Listening, listening, listening.  
Listen to understand. 
Listen so that your spouse and children feel loved.  
Listen actively so they know we are paying attention.
This is what we are supposed to practice this week.  
Why will I be listening?  
Because Samuel wants to know if the liquid inside a glow stick is poisonous or not.
Because Lexi thinks Bo is really, really cute.
Because Eden and Hailey may or may not be friends today.  
Because if I listen today, maybe they will know how to listen when I have something important to say tomorrow.
Because when they have something extra important to say, they will know they have someone here to just


  1. Listening is a very important part of relationships. Everyone loves to be listened to and validated for what they have to say.

    I bet your class is awesome!


  2. I hear ya sister!!;)Very well said!

  3. but they talk all the time and at the same time. I can't even pretend to listen to all that:)