Wednesday, May 27, 2009


French bread, marinara and cheese, grilled red onions, pattypan squash, scallopini and zucchini.
Sound devine?
Here's what it sounded like at my house:
Lex: "Mom. Hint. Think about what the KIDS like."
Eden: "When are you going to stop cooking gross stuff?"
Lily: "Is that french bread?... (yes)...And you made it into a total disaster?"


  1. It doesn't sound as though your kids like to boost your self esteem. I saw it and thought it looked delish!



    ps. at this point I would point to the cupboard and say... make yourself a pbj.

  2. Cin I don't even know where you find the time and effort to make such a dinner!! But I have to smile because every night no matter what it is at least one of them hates the dinner I make... what is it with kids??????????

  3. Jonathen wonders why I never cook. I told him it was because of the lack of positive reinforcement. Looks wonderful!

  4. I loved this post! I laughed so hard! Kids are so blunt. I've been getting the same comments over here. I've been trying to cook our dinner meals totally organic and some meals are gettimg eaten only by Derek and myself.

  5. Well....they are so cute, it doesn't matter if they are mean to mommy????

    They make cooking so easy. Tim, Bonnie and I were experimenting the other night and the sage Grandma was wise enough to put a slice of plain buttered toast on every plate....just in case AND they had seconds of the toast and Tim's deep fried battered chicken (close enough to chicken nuggets..i guess)

    Personally....your french bread looks delicious to me:)