Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Week of Dance!

Our "Dance Week" started off a week ago Thursday, when Lexi made it onto the middle school dance team. 20 girls made it out of 48-ish. Parents were not allowed to watch try-outs, but this is the happy girl post-announcement.

Then on Tuesday, after my own Mexican Folklorico dance practice, I sent Lily and Samuel off to THEIR Folklorico practice, and took the little kids to watch Lexi's Ballroom floorshow at the elementary school. Three days a week, she goes to school about an hour early and practices for the ballroom team. The school has a music teacher that volunteers his mornings, and teaches whoever will commit and come. I love what he's taught these kids. They did Fox Trot, Waltz, Rhumba, Cha Cha, and East Coast Swing. Lexi knows more than I learned in Social Dance 180, I swear, and I took it twice. The week before, they had gone "On Tour," and had performed at three different elementary schools in the area. This night was just for the home crowd.

At the end of the performance, the students got to pick someone to introduce to the Swing. Gary couldn't be tied down, and Eden prefered to be the photographer. I have done the Swing before, but Lexi is now many tripple-steps ahead of me, and had much to teach.

This Thursday was the Elementary School's May Day Dance Festival. Each year, every teacher chooses a song, comes up with simple costumes, choreographs and teaches his or her class a dance. The teachers are amazingly creative, and the students show off talent you would never see on any report card. Here Samuel is doing a "Promenade" with the neighbor girl.

Samuel had this dance down pat. It recalled memories of him getting out in the aisle at Lex and Lil's clogging recitals when he was three, and just goin' to town.

Lily, Stayin' Alive. I loved this dance. And I loved her scarf. That's a look that girl can definately pull off! She told me, "Mom, we're supposed to dress disco, you know, colorful and sparkley, because that's how they dressed in the olden days." Wow. That's the first time it's been brought to my attention that I was born in the "Olden Days."

Lexi did a very graceful waltz to "Moon River", and then the graduating 5th graders got to thread the May Pole. I already speant her bytes on the Swing video, but rest assured, she braided that May Pole flawlessly.


  1. Holy Cow!!!

    There probably isn't a better way to spend a week than dancin' it away. Is there?

    I was impressed to hear about the ballroom dancing... with the popularity of Dancing with the Stars alot of kids are interested.

    Busy week for you Cinnamon... I am not sure how you keep up.


  2. How absolutely fun Cin!! i love that Lexi is in those dance classes, she is obviously a natural!!

    hope i get to see it some time!!

  3. I love that whole dance idea! Wish our schools did something neat like that. Guess we'll stick with dancing in the kitchen.

    Are we going to Island Park this summer, or are you guys booked already? Either way, let's try to get together sometime!