Saturday, May 23, 2009


We had a belated Mother's Day celebration with the Branch tonight. The activities committee chairgirl, Elia, had asked me to dance some folklore dances with some other women forever ago, and we've been practicing ever since. A couple of weeks ago, she also asked Lily and Samuel if they would like to dance. Then, last week, she asked Lexi if she and two other girls would like to perform their dance-try-outs routine. So, many of us got to get up on that stage tonight and perform. I am still in want of a fully functional camera, so my pictures will not be that great. Really. Some of them are adorable anyway. I wish I'd gotten pictures of my "Chapanecas "(sp?) costume, but my camera had totally died by then. Here is what I did get:

Lily and her beautiful costume
Lily's close up

Lily dancing.

Lily and Samuel dancing
Samuel's costume. We had to borrow the Mexican shirt, and it was a leeetle bit small. It was the only option, so I said, "Can you still breathe?" He assured me he could, and that was that. His partner is the tiny girl in brown, to Samuel's right. I think she is four. They were SO CUTE!
See! The dance had something to do with bull fighting, and for part of it, the girl would hold out her skirt to the side like a fighter's cape, and the boys would point their fingers up from their heads like horns and charge through. Adorable.
Here's my costume (for the Michoacan dance)

And my close up. I haven't worn that much make up or hair spray since that Mary Kay sales lady makeover, and Sarah's wedding, respectively. I'm sure the people in the back row could see my smile, and even though we had multiple hair piece changes , I think my hair is STILL in place as I type.

And here is Lexi's costume. She said, "Mom! Wait till I smile!" So I took another picture of her smiling in the splits, but my camera put a big white circle in front of her face, and it looks like she's blowing a very successful bubble. So here she is, not-ready expression and all.
What a fun night. Now I need to go see if all this make-up will come off with just soap and water, because that's all I have.

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  1. It looks to me like Lily is getting taller. She has the cutest dimples and freckers (freckles) ever.

    Love your comment about the make-up and hair spray... you got a chuckle from me there.

    Looks like you had fun.